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I am not good enough alone

At Humint I collaborate with a handfull of industry leading analysts, multi media designers, photographers, film makers and programmers. They make my work more fufilling and ensure that we together can deliver better end-to-end solutions. 


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After the realization set in that I was properly not going to make it as a professional tennis player, I had to find another career path, More by coincident than deliberate choice I became an instructor in the Army and began teaching and developing professionals and teams. I soon discovered that training people to reach their potential gave me a great sense of pride and fulfillment.  That was 22 years ago, but that is still what I do - just in a larger scale and with more tools in the tool box. 

Today, my interest for learning and change management permeates my professional and leisure life, and has let me down the path of working in varies organizations and companies, in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world. A long the way I have earned three management diplomas and a MBA in strategic capabilities. I am a reflective practitioner and spend my time studying the world of work and all aspects of organizational change and development. I write articles and serve as an adviser, trainer, sparring partner and consultant for business managers. 

Through my work I have experienced how a strong learning culture and high quality development processes can pave the road to new business capabilities, deep expertise, leading practices and dynamic organizations. I get as exited today as when I first started out to see people and business grow, and truly partnering with my customers to help them think differently and implement processes and solutions that render impact is what motivates me to continuously improve in this ever evolving industry. 

If you believe that I can be of help to you, or you share my interest of developing human capabilities and aptitude, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me at @allanleerholm on twitter.