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Touchpoints is the points where a company is connected to its target group, and thus has the possibility to communicate, influence, and develop expertise, behaviour and mindset. 

Modern companies has many touchpoints and the aim is to orchestra them effectively and in a way that provides an optimal experience for the reciever. 

The possibilities are almost infinite. Budgets are not. 

It is therefore essential, when prioritizing touchpoints, to define where the biggest challenges for the company lie, because learning and development efforts works best by focusing energy and resources on one, or a very few, pivotal objectives whose accomplishments will lead to a cascade of favorable outcomes.

When it comes to touchpoints, you can become richer or poorer very quickly. The difference usually lies in the preservation of a clear overview.

Touchpoint services

Training | E-learning | Digital learning | Job aids | Performance support | Blended learning | Stories | Scenarios | PBL | Video

The cornerstones in any ambitious project


The grounwork in any successfull project 


A strategy is always concise and flexible 


Communication moves people, moves organizations


What do you want to happen?


When the rubber meets the road 


We could be wrong or perhaps better 


Change happens between the lines