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I like to be on your team

Get off to a good start, get things done, and reach those milestones. Services is about acquiring a capability that is needed to solve a defined task; e.g. provide an extra set of hands, new eyes on a challenge, an addtional layer of knowledge and know-how, or a fresh perspective. 

But, there is a big differennces in how services are conducted. I like to be on your team. Because, change and developement projects starts from within the organisation, and is best executed in close collaboration between management and the change agent. 




More expertise

I work across industries and sectors and always bring a fresh and curious perspective. I offer top shelf advice as sparring partner, devil's advocate, your customers voices or consultant within learning, developement, communication and organizational change. I share knowledge on new opportunities, trends and forecasts - and if I can't help you, I have access to a large network and can direct you to the right place.

My starting point is always you, your business and your market. And just as humans, no two companies are the same, I do not belive in copy-paste or one-size-fit-all solutions, but see each new project as an oppertunity to rethink and innovate processes.  


Project Management

Get things done

Project management is about creating momentum. That is easier said than done, because learning and developement is a change project, thus very much about people and their interrelations. That is why people skills, knowledge and experience are crucial. Without the right experience, knowledge and commitment, the probability of achieving momentum is slim.

For larger projects and programs I can work in-house and take care of the project from start to finish. I make sure you create valuable momentum in your projects and help ensure that the expected gains are realized.


Knowledge and guidance is in demand in a world where change has become the order of the day. Training is a part of the DNA and in all modesty, I am pretty good at it. It is a fantastic way to gain new knowledge, inspiration, fresh perspectives or forecasts. 

But, training can be many things; it can be a speak, a workshop, a 1:1 sparring session, together we deterrmine the "how" and the "what". 

The training can be held at your company, at a conference center or at Humint where there is both conference- and classrooms. 





Real development happens between the lines

To develop people and organizations is about creating meaningfull change. To reach new heights without loosing foothold. That is easier said than done. That is why, people skills, experience and business understanding are imparitives in any changeproject. 


The cornerstones in any ambitious project


The grounwork in any successfull project 


A strategy is always concise and flexible 


Communication moves people, moves organizations


What do you want to happen?


When the rubber meets the road 


We could be wrong or perhaps better