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Udvalgte artikler og cases

The tyranny of white rabbits

Don't get me wrong, as any good reflective practitioner I really like to see the field reach new heights and technology to take new landmarks and rub out the difference between real and virtual learning experience, but the let us be honest, the technology is not there yet. 

Digitization of SKOV Academy

Customers choose products they know and trust, and to that end are training and knowledge sharing suitable tools. At the same time, training and knowledge also accelerates upskilling of employees, partners and suppliers, which ultimately optimize the customer experience and process excellence.  

The greatest assets is already in your company

Deep smarts are the engine of any organization as well as the essential value that individuals build throughout their careers. This type of expertise consists of practical wisdom: accumulated knowledge, know-how, and intuition gained through extensive experience. 

... er meget kompetent, engageret, og har fokus på det gode samarbejde og er en god sparringspartner

Mads Grønlund Elkjær, Head of SKOV Academy

... hurtig til at danne overblik, systematisere, skille væsentligt fra uvæsentligt, og herefter forelægge realistiske og praktisk brugbare løsninger

Mandus Andresen, Head of NCO Training, HKS

.... ved rigtig meget om læring og hvordan man får det implementeret i en organisation som vores

Mads Grønlund Elkjaer, Head of SKOV Academy

... er meget professional, har været en god guide og coach for vores britiske partnere

Charlotte Wetche, Oberstløjtnant i Hæren

Advisory board

Nobody is as good as all of us

Wanted. Have you worked with organizational learning and change processes, and are you willing to chip in with fresh perspective and new ideas? Become a part of Humint's advisory board.